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Ace - Shape #B

€ 39

Ace - Shape #C

€ 39

Ace - Shape #D

€ 39

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Ace - Shape #C, dark turtle

€ 39


Ace - Shape #C, black

€ 39


Rubber - Shape #C, grey

€ 39


Ace - Shape #B, crystal white

€ 39


Ace - Shape #E, light turtle

€ 39

Luxreaders - Stylish reading glasses at great prices

At Luxreaders.com we have a large selection of stylish reading glasses in different designs, colors and materials. All the glasses in our assortment cost € 39 while you get 2 pairs for € 59 incl. shipping.

Our reading glasses are made in scandinavian design and quality materials. All the frames are suitable for men and women and equipped with single-stranded glass. The strengths range from +1 to +2,5. If you are in doubt about which strength you need, you can check our indicative vision test here.

Our reading glasses comes in many different shapes and colors so it can be difficult to choose the frames that suits your personal style. You can use our style guides to decide whether you are looking for round reading glasses, classic reading glasses or maybe a pair of colorful reading glasses.

The spectacles are made in good quality lightweight glass. This means, as the name indicates, that they are very comfortable to wear. The glass is hardened so it can withstand everyday scratches.

We also have a lot of cool sunglasses with strength in the assortment at the same prices, so feel free to mix it up when you buy your glasses online. Our cheap sunglasses with strength are designed as ordinary reading glasses, but with tinted glass with strength so you can use them when you’re in the sun.