Sunglasses with strength for men

Sunglasses with strength for men

Our prescription sunglasses for men are available in powers ranging from +1 to +2.5. The materials are carefully selected and the lenses are made of best quality glass which is paramount to good eyesight. We use quality tempered glass in all our glasses.

We have multiple different materials, but acetate is one of the favourites materials as it is natural and allergy-friendly. The hinges on the sunglasses are flexible, which make them comfortable to wear.

All the sunglasses with strength on Luxreaders are Danish designed and of great quality. You can find different shapes and colours.

Sometimes it’s hard to buy sunglasses, so we have created a virtual mirror on our website, so you can try on the sunglasses from your home. Just upload a picture of your face or use the live camera, then the chosen sunglasses will appear on the picture.

Everyone could use a second pair of sunglasses for “just in case”. Therefore, you can get 2 pairs of sunglasses with strength for 59€ including free delivery and return.

You can return the products up to 14 days after the day you received it. See more in our return policy.

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