Sunglasses with strength

Sunglasses with strength

If you use reading glasses daily, then you are probably familiar with the challenge of buying sunglasses. At we've gathered a selection of sunglasses with prescription strength that allow you to focus just as well within short distance as you would with normal glasses. That is because they are your completely ordinary reading glasses in good quality, just tinted like sunglasses, so that you can enjoy reading a good book or the newspaper in the sun.
All the glasses are unisex and are available from +1 to +2,5 strength. Additionally, all glasses are equipped with UV-protection to protect you from the sun's harmful rays, as well as flex bars that adjust to the width of your head.

Are you unsure of which strength you need, then try our strength test online. The test can help you find the right strength for your sunglasses with strength.

You can also try our virtual mirror cam, that allows you to see how the sunglasses would look on your face from home. You can either upload a picture of your face or try the live camera.

Who hasn’t tried to sit on their sunglasses or forgot them somewhere, we all need an extra pair “just in case”. At Luxreaders you can get 2 pairs for 59€, 1 pair costs 39€ including free delivery and free return.

You can always return your order up to 14 days after the day you received the order.

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