Sun Rubber #E Brown

€ 29

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Product Details

Classic sunglasses made from a soft, light and strong rubber material, making them super light - without compromising the quality. The surface is matte and provides an exclusive look.

The glasses are made with flexible hinges allowing the frame to adjust to the head size, making them comfortable to wear. The glasses are hardened and will withstand everyday scratches and bumps.

Our sunglasses come with single-strength lightweight lenses produced from carefully selected plastic materials. This means that the lenses are both classy, thin, and light and therefore comfortable to wear when you, as most of us do, take your glasses on and off several times during the day. 

  • Equipped with UV400 protection
  • Filter out all UV rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers
  • Category 3 after the European categorization of sunglasses (CE)
  • Protect against strong sunlight
  • Cured and do not scratch easily

You will get a nice felt case with each of the glasses you purchase.

Frame measurements

14,5cm 13,7cm 4,5cm 2cm

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