Reading glasses for women

Reading glasses for women

Our collection of reading glasses for womens contains a wide range of colours and models for your inspiration and for you to find a perfect pair of glasses to fit your personal style and facial shape.

The materials have been carefully selected – and no matter which type of frames you choose you’ll get a pair of quality glasses at a very reasonable price. All the prescription glasses are available in powers ranging from +1 to +2.5.

Our acetate material is very popular as it's natural and allery-friendly. The material allows beautiful colours and an exclusive look. The flexible hinges make the glasses comfortable to wear. 

Are you struggling with finding the right shape and design, then you can try on the glasses through our vitual mirror page. You can upload af picture of your face or use the live camera to see how the glasses will look on you. 

Do you know the feeling of losing your reading glasses? we do! so what about a pair in the car, one at the office and one at home - maybe even many at home. You can miz and match your 2 favourite pairs for only 59€ including delivery and return.

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