Reading glasses

Reading glasses

On Luxreaders you will find a large and varied assortment of reading glasses in beautiful designs and high quality. All reading glasses are unisex and fit both men and women. The materials have been carefully selected – and no matter whether you choose acetate, rubber or metal frames you will get a pair of wicked quality glasses at a very reasonable price.

It is quite normal that the ability to focus at a short distance deteriorates with age. Unfortunately, many people tend not to buy reading glasses in due time resulting in them finding their arms too short or resorting to temporary uncool solutions. We would like to change that!

We have many years of experience in the optician industry and monitor the eyeglass trends closely. Based on this, we have created a collection of stylish frames in a wide range of colours and models for your inspiration and for you to find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your personal style and facial shape.

Our glasses are available in strengths ranging from +1 to +2.5. All lenses are made of best quality glass which is paramount to good eyesight. We use only high quality tempered glass in all our reading glasses.

If you are doubting what strength you need, you can test your eyes here on our website. Just follow the guide here, then it will show you the strength needed.

We all tend to lose our reading glasses - we know! So why not have one at the office, one in the car and one at home - maybe even more at home, for when the couch eats them. You can mix and match your 2 favourite designs for only 59€ including delivery and return.

Amongst other materials, our collection includes the acetate material, which is natural and allergy-friendly. The material stays nice for a longer time and the flexible hinges make the glasses comfortable to wear.

You are welcome to change your mind and return your order up to 14 days after the day you received it. You can find more information on how under our return policy

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