Minus glasses for women

Minus glasses for women

Women's minus glasses - made for nearsighted women who find it difficult to see at long distance. The glasses are made in different materials and designs and are suitable for all women. You can mix and match your 2 favourite pairs for 59€ including free delivery and return. 

Try the glasses online

You can even try all our designs on our website, so you can do it all from home. Our virtual mirror page will allow you to see the styles and shapes on you. You can try the glasses on here.

Do I need minus glasses?

Minus glasses are meant for near-sighted persons, which means people who isn't able to see long distance. The reason for near-sight is that the eye's focus is gathered before the retina and not on the retina. We offer glasses from strenght -2 to -1 and are therefore made for persons with easy nearsightedness.

Styles and shapes of minus glasses

We have different beautiful styles to fit any women's need and wishes. Each style is available in different colors and possible to match with different outfits. 
Our Acetat material is natural and allergy-friendly, the flexible hinges makes the glasses comfortable to wear.

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