Glasses A-Z

Acetate: What is acetate?

Acetate is a natural and hypoallergenic material used in, for example, the production of reading glasses. The material is called the caviar of plastic and is very popular as it offers opportunities to create some distinctive patterns with deep colors and great designs.

Bonobo: do monkeys need reading glasses?

Research shows that the Bonobo monkeys vision deteriorates over the years. The older the monkeys become, the greater the distance they are apart when caring for each other's fur. This is exactly the same reason why, over the years, humans have to keep the book further and further away from their faces to read.

Cheap reading glasses: Where can I buy cheap reading glasses?

Cheapreading glasses can be bought in many places. A large part of the glasses is traded at gas stations, pharmacies, and supermarkets. Unfortunately, there is often a connection between price and quality, which is experienced in stores that do not exactly specialize in this industry.

Cellulose acetate: What is cellulose acetate?

The material is used in a number of our glasses as it is a great material to design glasses in. The material is natural and hypoallergenic and allows for some cool designs with deep color contrasts and nice structures. Additionally read about acetatehere

Computer glasses: What is computer glasses?

Computer glasses are a term for glasses designed to provide the best working conditions when working in front of the screen. The glasses are carefully measured in relation to the distance to the screen, which distinguishes them from ordinary glasses, contact lenses and reading glasses which therefore do not work optimally for screen use.

However, many use commonreading glasses, when sitting in front of the computer screen, but while they can solve the challenge of reading what's on the screen, they can't be categorized as real computer glasses.

Felt pouch: What is a felt pouch?

An eyeglass case is used to store glasses.

When you buy your glasses from us, a free felt case is included per. glasses in the shipment, whether you buy reading glasses or sunglasses with strength.

Flex rods: What is flex rods?

Flex rods are flexible eyeglasses that adapt to the size of the head. This makes it much more comfortable to wear reading glasses.


Free return: Can I buy reading glasses with free return?

Free returns allow you to try your glasses at home. See if they match your face and personal style. Specifically, this means you have the opportunity toreturn them freely.

There is a return slip in the box, which you simply apply to the package before sending it back.

Gas station reading glasses

Expressions for ugly and cheap reading glasses produced in cheap materials and typically sold at a gas station or in supermarkets. The purchase is usually impulsive although it occurs several years after the consumer should have acquired a pair of proper reading glasses.


How do i make sure my reading glasses fit?

The reading glasses must fit your head exactly as they should. If in doubt, we've put together a littleguide on how to evaluate it yourself:

  • The pupils should sit near the center of the lens.
  • The eyebrows should not sit inside the glasses
  • The glasses should not fall on the tip of the nose.
  • When you smile, the cheeks should not move the glasses up.

Light weight reading glasses: What are light weight reading glasses?

Lightweight glasses are, as the word indicates, light glass. In the past, lightweight lenses were thicker than regular lenses, but today, modern production technologies have often made them thinner. The glasses have the obvious advantage of being lightweight and thus extra comfortable to carry. Another advantage of lightweight glass is that they have a high breaking resistance and do not shatter.

The glasses are scratched easier than mineral glass, but in the case of hardened lightweight glass they achieve about 80% of the mineral glass's breaking pressure


Minus glasses: What are Minus glasses?

Minus glasses are produced for myopia. The higher the number, the more strength there is in the glasses, which means that glasses with minus strength -3.0 have higher strength in the glasses than minus glasses -2.0. 

The higher the strength you have in the lens, the more the lens curves. This has a bearing on which frame you can choose, but this has been assessed by our experienced opticians prior to the production of the finished glasses.


Nearsightedness: What is nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness means you can see objects that are in front of you clearly. The further away the object is, the more blurry it will appear. It feels a bit like setting the lens on a camera.

One power lenses: What is one power lenses?

One power lenses are glass with the same strength throughout the glass. This type of glasses also carries the name of finished glasses, as they, as the name indicates, are manufactured prior to purchase.

Presbyopia: What is presbyopia?

A term for gradually losing the ability to focus on dense objects. It is a natural process that begins as we age where the lens in the eye becomes stiffer.

Round reading glasses: Where can i buy round reading glasses?

Holger knows! Round glasses have been fashionable for years and are her to stay. We always make sure to have a varied selection of round glasses so there is something for everyone. Both when it comes to colors and materials.

Small reading glasses: Where can I get small reading glasses?

All people are different. Therefore, our heads and faces naturally come in different sizes, which of course makes for different requirements for the glasses. All the glasses in the range are equipped with flex bars so that they adapt to the size of the head. You can see an overview of all the narrow glasses by taking ourstyleguide, where you can find glasses that fit your face shape and personal style.

Sunglasses with strength: Can you get sunglasses with strength?

sunglasses with strength work like ordinary reading glasses - just with tinted glass. They are perfect for when you are on holiday in the sun and would like to read a good book or see whats on the menu.

Not everyone knows about the solution, where the ordinary glasses are tinted and UV-protected, so many people wear both a pair of reading glasses and a pair of sunglasses at the same time. If you meet one of them on your way, then spread the message.

Tensile strength: What is tensile strength?

Tensile strength is an expression of the glasses' ability to withstand everyday scratches and scratches. The tensile strength varies according to the type of lenses used and can be significantly increased by hardening the lenses.

Turtle glasses: What is turtle glasses? 

Turtle, Our turtle collection is among the most popular eyewear in the range, as it is a versatile and stylish classic that can be styled for all occasions for both women and men. 

The collection of turtle reading glasses comes in several different shades. We have both light turtle and dark turtle, which are both beautiful in color and deep in patterns, but appear very different.

Our turtle reading glasses also hit the trend for retro glasses, where the lighter round glasses are especially popular for women and men who are looking for some high quality vintage inspired reading glasses.

Wide reading glasses: Why buy wide reading glasses?

Our heads and faces are shaped in many different forms. This requires that the glasses are also different. In addition to practically all glasses – wide glasses are equipped with flex bars to fit the size of the head, we have designed some extra-wide models. 

If you are unsure which glasses fit your head shape or personal style, try our guidehere 

What reading glasses fits me?

Buying glasses online can be difficult as you want to make sure they fit and suits you. That's why we've created a style guide that quickly gives you an overview of which glasses fit your head size and personal style. It only takes a minute to use the wizard. You can try it here.


The feeling when you pick up the glasses in the mailbox, in the local post office or have them delivered to the door. You have finally found a supplier of reading glasses that looks great, feels right to wear and isn't too expensive. The glasses from the gas station are in the past.


7 years

Estimate of how many years go from the need for reading glasses to buying a pair of reading glasses. Meanwhile, there is a lack of recognition of the problem, the use of telescopic arms as well as loans of the wife's glasses. For some, the quick fix from the gas station becomes more permanent than planned. We really want to change that. That is why we are working to break down the barriers that exist to make the purchase and have the ambition to be able to perform a vision test digitally and allow the glasses to be tested virtually.