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The best reading glasses

Luxreaders is a Danish company with roots in Copenhagen. The company is founded with the ambition to digitize the purchase of reading glasses and end up with the notion that reading glasses is a necessary evil that must be boringly designed and poor in quality. Therefore, we have done our utmost to produce some reading glasses, where both design and quality are top notch while they are still affordable.

We have many years of experience from the optical industry and have therefore closely monitored how the market for reading glasses is largely driven by gas stations, supermarkets and the like. These businesses focus to a large extent on low prices, high margins and preferably a high frequency of repurchases when customers' vision has to be corrected. The result is bad and ugly reading glasses in poor quality. We want to change that!

Luxreaders læsebriller - Ace Shape #D i Dark Turtle

We have set the bar high and carefully selected materials, that are normally used for expensive designer glasses. In addition, we have developed lightweight lenses that makes the reading glasses light and comfortable. This is an absolute necessity when it comes to reading glasses, as you typically take them off and on many times daily, which makes demands on quality.

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Our design

Our passion for stylish glasses is the basic element of our design. All glasses are designed in Denmark, where we work intensively to unite new trends with traditional and classic design. The goal is to create expressive reading glasses that are more than a necessary evil.

Although it’s "only" reading glasses, we believe that the glasses should express your personal style. Just like all the other items you have in your wardrobe.

Easy and digital

Too many people buy their first pair of reading glasses many years after the need for reading glasses arises. There are many different reasons for this. Reasons we have ambitions to identify and break down of our digital platform. As an example of that we are working on developing a virtual try-on, as well as digitizing a vision test so that we can make a qualified assessment of which glasses are for you.

Buying glasses online must be risk-free. Therefore, we offer a free and easy return solution, where you can simply pack the glasses into the shipment you received them and apply the enclosed return slip.

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We love to receive feedback on our products. Both positive and negative. You are more than welcome to send a comment or a review of our reading glasses so we can become even better at producing the best reading glasses on the market.

Contact information for Luxreaders:
Luxreaders ApS
c/o Milcom A/S
VAT: DK 38454749
Hørmarken 7
3520 Farum, Danmark
Mail: hi@luxreaders.com